Hydrolysed Collagen Powder for Pets

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Collagen production decreases significantly as your pet gets older and is the source of serious and painful degenerative bone and joint diseases.
Gelatin is an effective joint supplement and will ease your dog's pain.
Hydrolysed Collagen Powder for Pets
The hydrolysed collagen powder supplied by Health Nutrition is of bovine origin, and falls under the European Gelatin Manufacturers Association. It contains no fat, carbohydrates, gluten, purines or cholesterol and is non-allergenic. It is produced exclusively from natural proteins, and contains no E-number.

Hydrolysed gelatin powder (collagen peptide) repairs and builds cartilage and strengthens ligaments, tendons and muscles. Carnivores would normally get gelatin from eating fresh kill, which is why now-a-days a gelatin supplement is required. Gelatin can make up half of the dietary protein intake but as little as just two teaspoons a day can be beneficial for a 25 to 40 kg dog.

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The hydrolysed gelatin powder for pets is supplied in 300gm tins.
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Collagen is a Natural Remedy for Health Conditions in Aging Dogs
Hip dysplasia
Hip dysplasia in dogs and cats is extremely painful. Since canine hip dysplasia is a form of degenerative arthritis, you can help ease your pet's pain with a joint supplement such as gelatin.
Other degenerative joint disorders & diseases
Apart from hip dysplasia, gelatin is effective in dogs and cats suffering from osteoporosis, arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, because it reduces inflammation and alleviates pain.
Good skin, coat & blood cell growth
Gelatin provides beneficial minerals which will improve the condition of your pet's skin and coat, and promotes healthy blood cell growth.
Seizures & brain damage
Glycine, the main amino acid in Gelatin, is said to protect against seizures and brain damage.

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