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Tips To Improve Your Pet's Coat

These tips will help you get and keep your pet's coat looking healthy and beautiful.
These tips could help you take better care of your pet's coat, to ensure they're looking and feeling great.
Get Your Groom On
As soon as you bring home your new furry member of the family, you should instil good grooming habits. This will ensure your puppy or kitten or other pet stays clean, and their coat is well looked after from the start.

When you start grooming your pets at a young age it becomes significantly easier to groom them as they mature and get used to the process. You'll also be able to immediately detect if something is wrong with their coat.

Basically, grooming is essential from the moment you bring them home to ensure you build a good foundation and you can monitor if anything is amiss.

You can either groom your new pet at home, yourself, which is a great way to bond with your new furry family member. Or you can hire a professional grooming service to come in or you can take your pet to a pet groomer. Just be sure you know that the groomer is using good products that will benefit your pet's coat. Also, avoid over-washing your pet as this could dry out its coat.
Proper Pet Nutrition
One of the best ways to keep your pets looking and feeling great is to ensure they receive optimal nutrition.

This includes good food, that's formulated to meet your pet's dietary needs, as well as other forms of supportive nutrition. This can include something like our hydrolysed collagen powder for pets, which will make your pet's coat and skin shine.
Protection Pets From Elements
Although it's essential for your pets to spend some time in nature, you also have to ensure you protect pets against the harsh elements.

The sun can be especially damaging for your pet's coat. Not only can the sun dry out your pet's coat, but it can actually cause cancer, just like for humans. Ensure you limit your pets' exposure to direct sun, especially if they have pink skin with white coats.

Chlorine in pools and seawater can also cause your pet's coat to dry out, so be sure to rinse them thoroughly after they've splashed in a pool or swam in the ocean or any other pool, pond or dam.

Sand, grass and other things that your pets might play or roll in should also be washed off to ensure you keep your pet's coat in top condition, as these could dry out your pet's coat and could also cause other conditions due to dirt, bacteria or bugs that could get onto your pet's coat.