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Gelatin For Dogs

Health Nut provides a pure gelatin powder
Older Dogs
Is your older dog suffering from joint pain? Older and heavier dogs with mobility issues tend to be diagnosed as suffering from arthritis although younger pets can be affected. As our pets age, the fluid responsible for lubricating the joint starts to thin and wear and tear takes its toll. Changes are seen on x ray as bone starts to painfully rub on bone. Genetic factors can also play a role.

Health Nut provides a pure gelatin powder, collagen supplement which can offer relief. Unlike wild dogs and cats our companion animals have no access to gelatin from eating cartilage, tendons and skin.

The main amino acid in gelatin, namely glycine, can be assist with safeguarding against epileptic seizures and brain damage. Thus, resistance to seizures may be increased by a gelatin supplement and an estimated 1% of all dogs have some form of seizure affliction.
Gelatin powder, by Health Nut assists puppies, due to the fact that larger dog breeds grow at a phenomenal rate in their first year of life their bones, joints, tendons and cartilage need correct nourishment to support increasing body weight. Health Nut’s gelatin powder supplies assist the body in producing collagen, thereby protecting your precious pet from certain conditions later in life.
Suggested Dose Rate for Dogs
  • 5kgs – 10kgs up to ½ teaspoon twice a day
  • 10kgs – 20kgs up to 1 teaspoon twice a day
  • 20kgs – 35kgs up to 2 teaspoons twice a day
  • 35kgs – 45+kgs up to 1 tablespoon twice a day