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Understand how hair grows

How Gelatin makes your hair grow
In order to understand how gelatin improves hair, you’ve got to understand how hair grows.

  • Follicles: Hair grows out of follicles in the skin. Follicles are basically sheaths of collagen which hold the hair in place and nurture them.
  • Papilla: The papilla is what links the follicle to the rest of the body. It is also made from collagen.
  • Hair Bulb: The hair bulb is located right above the papilla. The papilla provides the hair with nutrients to make new hair cells.

Here is how it works
Your hair starts growing from the matrix. Protein cells divide and are pushed up through the hair shaft. The papilla provides nutrients for the cells.

As the protein cells are pushed upwards, they go through a process called keratinization. The hair cells are filled with fibrous proteins and lose their nucleus (which is why we say hair is dead).

As the dead hair cells stack up, the hair is pushed out of the follicle and our hair “grows.” The hair that exits the skin is just a strand of woven keratin proteins – about 91% proteins to be exact.

You’ll notice that there are sebaceous (oil) glands near the hair shaft. This is what oils our hair as it comes out to make it look shiny or, in some cases, greasy.
How Gelatin Supports Hair Growth
If you want to have strong, thick hair, it is really important that your hair follicle and papilla are healthy. And what are the follicle and papilla made of? Collagen.

Collagen is a type of protein that primarily consists of the amino acids glycine and proline.

What else is collagen? Yes, gelatin.

Gelatin is just boiled-down collagen which has been dried and pulverized into a powder for easier use. In the past, people used to naturally eat a lot of gelatin in the form of bone broth. Today, we no longer consume the parts of the animals which are rich in collagen. As a result, we are getting too many of the amino acids which are found in muscle meat and not enough collagen amino acids. This is not only bad news for our hair, but for our entire health!

By consuming gelatin, you will be giving yourself a much-needed source of collagen. The extra collagen supports your hair follicles and papilla. The larger and stronger they are, the stronger and healthier your hair will be.
You Need to EAT the Gelatin
While there are benefits of using a gelatin hair mask, you can’t just rub collagen into your scalp and expect your follicle and papilla to get stronger. Some nutrients do get absorbed through the skin but collagen isn’t one of them.

Unfortunately, it will take a long time before you see results from eating gelatin – especially since hair takes so long to grow.

However, while you are eating all that gelatin for your hair, you’ll also be doing a lot of other good for your body.

  • Gelatin is a source of protein: Not only is this good for your muscles, but since hair is made from protein, the extra protein will ultimately help your hair too.
  • Gelatin is good for your skin: As a source of collagen, gelatin can even help you fight wrinkles!
  • Gelatin improves mental health: The neurotransmitter glycine in gelatin is calming and fights anxiety.
  • Gelatin is great for bones and joints: Considering that gelatin is made from bones and connective tissues, it shouldn’t be surprising that it is good for your bones and joints.
  • Gelatin helps your digestive health: This is the most important benefit because health starts in the digestive tract. You can read more about this here.
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