Alexia Rich - Vegan Collagen Orgono Smoothie Silica Powder
45g (45 servings)

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45g (45 servings)

Vegan Collagen Powder Boosts Energy and Protects your Body

Alexia Rich is a premium, vegan collagen-boosting powder supplement containing Orgono® Silica—a specific brand of silica clinically proven to be the only form of silica with almost 400% higher bioavailability than other silica supplements.


Orgono® Silica—a quartz derivative—is highly bioavailable for easy absorption. It’s 400% more bioavailable than other types of silica and is available in South Africa exclusively through Alexia Rich. Silica gets derived from silicon, a nutrient that assists one’s body in triggering the production of collagen, the glue that keeps us together. Not only that - silica can help rid harmful heavy metals from the body while also increasing collagen production for stronger hair and nails with faster growth! Enjoy all these benefits today without compromising on health or vitality.

Alexia Rich Orgono (R) Silica Powder is the perfect addition to your morning smoothie, giving you a natural boost of energy and helping protect your body against bacteria & viruses.

  • Improves joint, cartilage, and tendon health by assisting in joint repair, strengthening cartilage, and increasing tendon elasticity for a more flexible body.
  • Strengthens hair, skin, and nails while aiding in hydration and softening the skin.
  • Assists in maintaining a healthy digestive tract, effectively replenishing your immune system.

1g powder scoop taken in a smoothie daily.

Ingredients: Acacia gum, Monomethylsilanetriol.

Actives per 1g scoop: 28mg Organic silicon (Monomethylsilanetriol), Acacia gum Powder.

Free from: Carbohydrates, preservatives, e-numbers, sugars & fats.

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