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Health Issues Women Over 40 Should Be Aware Of

As we age, our body’s defences start to weaken and
we become more at risk of certain adverse health issues.
Breast Cancer
While the most dangerous age group for females to develop breast cancer is 50, you can start forming good health habits by the time you reach 40 when it comes to your breasts and keeping them healthy. Early detection is essential when it comes to health issues, so be sure to regularly inspect your breasts for lumps or any abnormal changes. If you find something or you're unsure how to examine your own breasts, contact your gynaecologist to perform a medical examination and show you how to do it at home.
Females are at a higher risk to experience their bone density decreasing as they age, which could lead to adverse health conditions like osteoporosis. When you're a female in your 40s, your bone health may still be good. But as you age, you may become at risk of developing an issue related to bone density degeneration. As collagen can help prevent this decline, it's good to start taking a collagen powder at a young age to help prevent future bone-related health issues. You can find Health Nut’s pure gelatin powder HERE which is a great source of collagen.
Hair Loss
Numerous factors could be contributing to your hair loss if you're a female in her 40s. Things like feeling stressed, hormonal fluctuation, excessive styling, or being underweight could all be contributing to your dwindling hair mass. Try to minimise heat styling, and excessive product use in your hair. As a connective tissue, collagen is great for promoting healthy skin, nails, and hair. If you're in your 40s, it's a great time to hype up your health regime by taking a collagen powder that will assist in attaining and maintaining a holistically healthy body and mind, that makes you look and feel your best.
Mental Health Issues
Mental health is important to modern women. It's never too early or too late to start taking care of your mental health. Every person's approach will be different, and your 40s is the perfect time to figure out what you need in your life to achieve good mental health.
Dental health
Never been a flosser? When you reach 40, it's maybe time to start taking care of your teeth and gum health. Flossing, rinsing, and brushing your mouth and teeth is a good start, but also ensure you never miss your annual dental checkups. Your dentist will give your teeth and mouth a proper examining, and will address any issues you might be experiencing, and then will usually give you a good cleaning, removing stains and plaque build-up.
Every female who is sexually active and has multiple sexual partners should ensure that she protects herself from contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Some of the best health habits for sexually active females is to insist that her partners wear condoms, to get tested regularly, and to attend her yearly gynaecologist appointments.
Although highly dependant on the individual female, fertility typically starts to take a dive when females reach the 40 milestone. This doesn't mean, however, that you should stop using your birth control and other safe sex practices.
The skin is the largest organ in the body, and therefore, also at a bigger risk of getting a disease. As you turn 40, it's important to start keeping track of any changes in your skin such a persistent rash or irritation, and any changes in the appearance of moles or other skin pigmentation issues. Also, you have to start wearing SPF on a daily basis, if you're not already doing it at the age of 40.

These are just a few health issues you might want to start paying serious attention to when you turn 40. But also remember that every person is unique, so you might have a completely different experience when you reach your 40s.

What are some of the health issues your concerned or focussed on preventing or treating as a female in your 40s?