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Alexia Rich

Alexia Rich

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Alexia Rich is a premium, natural collagen-boosting liquid supplement containing Orgono® Silica—a specific brand of silica that is clinically proven to be the only form of silica with almost 400% higher bioavailability than other silica supplements.

Orgono® Silica—a quartz derivative—is highly bioavailable for easy absorption. In fact, it’s 400% more bioavailable than other types of silica, and available in South Africa exclusively through Alexia Rich.

Silica is derived from silicon, a key nutrient that assists one’s body to trigger the production of collagen, the glue that keeps us together. It is vegan friendly, not tested on animals, and contains no sweeteners or artificial flavours and colours.

Taken orally, Alexia Rich’s boost in creation of collagen has numerous benefits for one’s body as it helps regenerate various essential connective tissues.

Alexia Rich with Orgono® Silica also removes toxic heavy metals and reduces metabolic waste for a thorough internal cleaning.


Alexia Rich can improve joint, cartilage and tendon health by assisting in joint repair, strengthening cartilage and increase tendon elasticity for a tougher, more flexible body.


Alexia Rich can help produce, rebuild and strengthen your connective tissues making them more lithe, stable and resilient so that they work more effectively and enable you to recover from strain or exercise faster.


Alexia Rich can assist in maintaining a healthy digestive tract, effectively replenishing your immune system.


Alexia Rich assists in the improvement of cell communication and electron transporting, meaning a reinvigorated and replenished body in less time.


Alexia Rich can improve hair, skin and nail health by hydrating and brightening your skin, while simultaneously diminishing wrinkles. It also helps strengthen and thicken your hair as well as reinforces nails so that they become less likely to break.


Alexia Rich can support your body’s natural elimination and detoxification process, which can significantly boost your overall energy and vitality.


Alexia Rich fortifies blood vessels and assures the integrity of elastic fibers and impermeability of arterial walls, aiding in the prevention of high cholesterol, hypertension and atheroma.

Amplify collagen production

Fortify your body. Alexia Rich products enhance connective tissues, improve joint and bone repair, promote effectual digestion, and act as natural body detoxifiers.

Boost hair, skin & nail health

Show up glowing. The Alexia Rich collection works to strengthen hair, skin and nails while aiding in hydration and softening of the skin.

Stimulate your metabolism

Optimize Nutrition. The Alexia Rich collection assists your body with nutrient absorption, helping promote and maintain a healthy body.

Encourage bone mineralization

Alexia Rich has your back. Literally. This means sturdier, more lithe bones, helping them to bend rather than break.