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Collagen Peptide benefits during COVID

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, the health and wellness market is currently observing steady growth. More and more people are looking for safe, natural ways to stay healthy and maintain their immune system. So in this article we’re going to look at how collagen peptides can help

Collagen peptides in the new normal 

Global lockdown and quarantine measures have led to a change in consumer buying habits. On one hand, this change has impacted negatively on retail sales, with some health categories seeing a short-term decline in growth. On the other hand, however, it’s had a positive effect on the sales of vitamins and dietary supplements, with a strong focus on immunity and prevention.

This clearly indicates that, in light of the current situation, people are concerned about their immune health and are actively seeking ways to maintain wellness. So, health supplements that were trending well before the lockdown have suddenly become more popular as more consumers seek out the latest information on what products can help them stay healthy. 

Collagen peptides is one of those ingredients. Before the pandemic, collagen supplementation had already gained an excellent reputation in the market, with food innovators finding novel ways to make it accessible to an even wider audience.

When it comes to immunity supplements, collagen peptides can make all the difference

As the demand grows, manufacturers of vitamins and health supplements (particularly those that cater for immune health) are looking for ways to differentiate their products.

In this respect, collagen peptides offer an excellent opportunity for product differentiation. Collagen peptides have complimentary properties that allow them to be blended with other ingredients such as vitamin C. 

Joint health: Collagen peptides can help people get more active, which in turn helps the immune system 

Regular exercise is good for immune health. However, because of their joint conditions, some people aren’t able to do much exercise, and so their immune system doesn’t get the benefit. Typically this consumer suffers from stiff and swollen joints that restrict mobility. 

Collagen peptides have a solid reputation in this market as several scientific studies have shown that type II collagen supplementation can help improve joint health, thereby enabling the consumer to get more active. 

As people become more aware of the link between exercise and immune health, collagen peptides inevitably represent an excellent opportunity for consumers.