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5 interesting facts about gelatin

The main function of sodium bicarbonate is to help keep
pH levels where they need to be to sustain life.
Gelatin is a powerful superfood
Glycine, which makes up about 35% of the amino acid profile in Gelatin, is not only an anti-inflammatory, it can also help the body heal wounds, inhibit tumor growth, promote recovery from strokes and seizures as well as improve memory. When combined with the other constituents found in gelatin, it helps create a powerful super food to promote growth, healing and anti-aging in the body.
Gelatin was always used in traditional cultures
Long before powdered gelatin was used as a weight loss or health supplement, traditional cultures were always aware of how beneficial the bones, skin, and other non-meat tissues were to health and healing. Through the use of bone broths, fish head stew, and even head cheese traditional cultures have treated sickness and disease, without the use of modern medicine, for centuries. It’s no wonder why chicken soup is nicknamed “Jewish Penicillin.”
Gelatin cannot be manufactured
You can't make a synthetic version of gelatin! It is always a naturally-occurring substance.
Gelatin was used during the Napoleonic Wars (1800–1815)
The nutritional value of gelatin was also recognized as early as the Napoleonic Wars (1800–1815) when the French used it as a source of protein during the English blockade.
How to eat more gelatin
The traditional way to get gelatin is from skin, gelatinous meats, and bone broths. Those who eat a Paleo or ancestral diet can easily include these foods, but vegetarians will find it difficult to get gelatin from a largely plant-based diet. Gelatin is only found in animal foods that come from the body of the animal itself or you can buy hydrolyzed gelatin from Health Nut. Hydrolyzed means the protein is broken into individual amino acids, making them easier to absorb. Our gelatin powder is of bovine origin, and falls under the European Gelatin Manufacturers Association. It contains no fat, carbohydrates, gluten, purines or cholesterol and is non-allergenic. It is produced exclusively from natural proteins, and contains no E-number.
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