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What time should I take collagen

Timing for collagen supplements depends on the reason you are taking them. If you have experienced gases or gut issues with these supplements, it is best to have them in the morning blended in with your smoothies or in a cup of coffee. If you want a good night sleep, you can take it at night with a glass of milk.  
Regardless of when you take your collagen supplement, it can boost your health just as effectively. Only things that are important are that you take your supplements consistently and that you use pure and high-quality collagen, click here for your Health Nut Collagen Powder. 
You’ve probably heard different things about the best way to drink collagen powder and still you may wonder- should I take it on an empty stomach in morning, or right before going to bed as the skin replenishes itself while sleeping. 

In the Morning

Most people consume collagen by adding it to their morning coffee. People do this to mask the chalky taste attributed to most collagen powders.
Not a coffee fan? Don`t worry, simply scoop, stir and sip to get your daily morning dose of beauty. Easy to mix even with simple cold water.

Post Meals as midday snack

As we know, collagen is a protein so some people think that taking it post meals as midday smoothie or coffee will help keep them fuller longer. As a result, they won’t be as tempted to reach for something less healthy later in the day.
However, the truth is, how well your collagen fills you up, depends on what you take it with. Mixing it in a smoothie will fill you up for much longer as compared to taking it simply with cold water.
Benefits of collagen before going to bed
Some people claim collagen is more effective at night as our body is naturally recovering while we sleep. But this may be just a theory. However, collagen supplements seem to work equally well when taken at bedtime or in the morning.


All you need easy to carry dose of collagen on-the-go and drink anytime throughout your busy schedule.

Collagen can be taken at any time of the day.

Our stomach can absorb collagen whether you take it with or without food. The important thing is that you’re taking collagen on a routine that’s convenient for you — whether it be a scoop of powder in your morning or before you hit the pillow at night