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  • Why your dog needs collagen

    Why your dog needs collagen in their diet, for healthy bones, coat and nails, as well as improved joint mobility.
  • Collagen and general bone health in Pets

    Collagen assist with healthy bone and joint development in pets
  • Can my pet take Collagen to improve health?

    Collagen Powder for Pets. Your furry friends skin, coat, bones and joints will thank you!
  • Collagen for Dogs:

    Why does your dog need collagen for joint and bone health?
  • Collagen & Joint Conditions in Dogs

    Collagen has been hailed as one of the new superfoods and is gaining popularity as an essential health supplement for humans as well as our best friend!

  • Tips To Improve Your Pet's Coat

    As soon as you bring home your new furry member of the family, you should instil good groomING habits. This will ensure your puppy or kitten or other pet stays clean, and their coat is well looked after from the start.
  • Essential Puppy Health Tips

    Having a new puppy can be one of the greatest experiences ever! At the same time, it's also a huge responsibility and there are some essential puppy health considerations to know about to ensure you set your new precious puppy up for a happy and healthy life.
  • Collagen Powder for Service Dogs

    Service dogs are earth's furry angels. They provide their human companions with years worth of service, loyalty, love, and support. When service dogs have ill health, they only deserve the BEST solutions.

    One of the major health afflictions service dogs are at risk of...

  • Gelatin For Dogs

    Is your older dog suffering from joint pain?  Older and heavier dogs with mobility issues tend to be diagnosed as suffering from arthritis although younger pets can be affected. As our pets age, the fluid responsible for lubricating the joint starts to thin and wear and tear takes its toll....
  • Hip dysplasia

    Hip dysplasia has the potential to occur in any breed of dog. You’ll want to watch out for limping, lameness, aversion to touch and other signs that your dog is in pain.

    By understanding which breeds have the highest risk for hip dysplasia, you’ll be able to imple...

  • Treatment of hip dysplasia

    Hip dysplasia in dogs is extremely painful, and it's heartbreaking for any dog owner to witness his or her dog suffering. The condition is so serious that your dog will struggle to do normal activities, and the pain so severe that it can even change your dog's temperament. Most likely, your...