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Collagen & Joint Conditions in Dogs

Collagen has been hailed as one of the new superfoods and
is gaining popularity as an essential health supplement for
humans as well as our best friend!
In addition to is positive effects on mobility, skin, coat and digestion, one of the most noticeable benefits is the relief of joint pain due to painful joint conditions, such as arthritis, hip dysplasia and injury.

For replenishing natural collagen levels, hydrolysed collagen peptide is the first choice.

For joint lubrication and protection of connective tissues, it is a major building block for your pets bones, joints, cartilage and connective tissues.

Collagen can improve mobility in dogs afflicted with arthritis. It’s a natural supplement that helps to lubricate and protect connective tissues that support the hips and joints. It can be used preventatively in dogs that are approaching senior years or even for breeds that are prone to joint issues. Dogs with healthy collagen levels tend to shed less, itch less, and have a softer, shinier coat. It's also beneficial for the health of their nails.

Collagen is literally a building block of your pet’s bones, joints, cartilage, connective tissues and blood vessels. It is a great way to encourage the health of all of these vital structural components of your pet’s body. Plus, it’s a preventative strategy too, since, as dogs age, their mobility can often be hindered due to joint problems and joint pain. Collagen is the main structural protein found in skin and connective tissues like joints, tendons, cartilage and ligaments. In fact, 30% of the total protein in a dog’s body is collagen.

It determines the strength and elasticity of their hair, bones, nails, and teeth. As dogs age, just like their human counterparts, their capacity to produce collagen diminishes making them more susceptible to injuries, painful conditions of the bones and joints, and poor skin and coat health.
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